Job considerations

September 16, 2009

In the previous post, I mentioned that I considered many things when I was searching for a career. Here are several things that I think everyone should consider, and how I used each one in my own search:

What type of things do you enjoy?
Its important to enjoy your job. Those who enjoy their job are far more productive than those who don’t. They can look forward to going to work, instead of dreading it. They are enthusiastic.

For me, I like books and reading, rocking chairs, music, animals, helping people, having consistent hours, and being able to move around. I guess no one will pay me to sit and rock in a chair all day…

Do you have any special qualifications?
Do you have a marketable degree? Certifications? Certificates? Awards? Or anything else that would interest potential employers. These qualifications prove skill.

I have a degree in music, and I am a certified pet trainer. I have choosen to continue my education to obtain further qualifications in my desired area. Which leads to the next point…

Are you willing to further your education or training?
Some employers may require a degree or certification above your current. Are you willing to get it?

Do you want to work with the public?
There are many careers out there that work with the public, there are also a lot that don’t. I think they each have advantages. The public tends to be distracting. They will slow down employee progress on projects because they require attention and help. They seem to complain constantly. I know that they are not all that bad. On the plus side, talking makes the time go by faster.

My answer, not in a retail environment. There are several different reasons for this decision. I enjoy helping people, but I do not enjoy taking their money. I enjoy stocking, but I do not enjoy selling.

Indoors/ outdoors, desk job/ floor job, team/individual, seasonal/full time/part time, management/ sales/ driving/ teaching, set hours/ changing shifts…
These are all important things to consider. Everyone has their likes and dislikes. Some like the outdoors, but can’t stand the bugs or the rain. Others could never work in a team with other people, they are too independent. What sounds good to you?

I prefer to work indoors, but the option to go outdoors for a bit wouldn’t be a turn off. I learned with my old job, that sitting behind a desk all day is boring! I need to be able to get up and walk around.

Does location matter?
Are you willing to relocate for the right position? Are you tied down by family? These are all things to ask. Relocating is easier for those who are unattached. If you are tied to a place; what jobs are available near you? How far are you willing to commute? You will be forced to choose a career based on what is there.

I am willing to relocate, if the job pays well enough. Temporarily, I am unattached. That will not last long, as David and I are planning for our wedding. I would only relocate to a select number of states, those in the southeast. I prefer the southeast’s climate and culture.

Finally, do some research!
Get a list of jobs. The government complies a Top 100 list of best jobs each year. That’s a great place to start. Go through and mark the ones that sound interesting to you. Then, research those jobs. Look in your area, do they exist? What is the average salary? Qualifications and job responsibilities? Do the descriptions match up with your goals? Could you see yourself in that position? If the answer is “yes”, that might be the new career for you!

I actually did this. Librarianship ranks high on the list of Top Jobs. I believe it was in the Top 10 for awhile. The pay sounds wonderful to me and libraries tend to be everywhere. There are 7 within 30 miles of my house.

This is by no means a comprehensive list. What else would you add? Do you agree or disagree? Leave a comment!


An introduction

September 15, 2009

“Welcome to”

Well hello WordPress world. I am glad to be here. Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jessica. I am currently a student, enrolled in an ALA accredited Library and Information Science program. The program tends to be very thought provoking and leaves me with a lot of questions that I hope to know the answer to someday.

But lets go back a bit farther. I’m sure this story is familiar to many of you. I graduated from college without a clue what to do. My bachelor’s was in Music and thats not the most desired degree out there, to say the least. Following that track was not my smartest move. After bouncing around in several mundane jobs, I began to figure out what I wanted and didn’t want in a career. I started to plan: this is where I am currently, this is where I want to be, and this is how I am going to get there.

So what did I consider when I picked this career?

That, and more… in the next post!