September 26, 2009

How many other library students are out there? Really, there are more than I can count.

There’s a new graduation option open to a lucky four guinea pigs this year at my school. It’s called the “E-Profile”. The handbook is not out yet, so the concept is loose. But basically, over the course of a students school term, the student will be saving samples of work completed and then pasting it together into an online portfolio. The idea is that this option gives employers something to see besides a grade, to an unknown test, on a piece of paper.

I want to be one of those guinea pigs. Seriously, pick me. Study me. Poke and prod me. Just let me make a portfolio.

This may seem like a lazy man’s option, but it’s not. Sure, some of the work for my graduation final is done during other classes (awesome), but other pieces have to be created to pull everything together. I believe there will also be a portfolio presentation, perhaps like a thesis presentation. I bet, in the end, the E-Portfolio option will be more work than taking an exam and studying for it.

Still, a portfolio just sounds like more fun.

I might even consider creating an E-Portfolio for nothing, no credit, just because I think that it is something that employers would consider when hiring.

Anything for that competitive edge.

It will still be a long ways before the guinea pigs are chosen. I’ll let you know. I know that the option has drawn a lot of attention and interest. Who can blame it?


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