Can anything not be informative?

September 20, 2009

I classmate asked a question on a discussion board for school. She asked if we could say that anything is not informative. I believe that we can’t, I believe that everything is informative… even a speck of dust.

Lately, cop shows like CSI and NCIS flood the T.V. guide channel. Anyone who has watched one of those shows knows that the smallest piece of anything, even that speck of dust, can help an investigation. That speck of dust can tell the searcher where the body (because it is always a body) has been. A strand of hair can have DNA and become evidence. A carpet fiber can define the make or model of a car.

I’m not saying that anything will solve a complete puzzle. Perhaps it will just be a piece. Then, when combined with other pieces, it can tell a whole story. It usually takes many pieces of information to complete that story.

Can you think of anything that would not be informative about something?

I can’t.

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