September 19, 2009

As everyone knows, it is currently a weekend. Thank goodness. I have had jobs before, mostly in retail, where weekends didn’t mean anything special. Now though, I enjoy my weekends off of work.

Libraries don’t have that luxury anymore. Recently, one of our local libraries added Sunday hours to their schedule. This is not a new trend. Many larger libraries are now open on Sunday’s too. It’s the way the world is headed. I just feel bad for those who have to work all of those hours. Everyone needs a break. Retail, libraries, fast food, and gas stations… when do they ever get their break? When did we become such a 24-7 world?

I don’t know when it happened, but I would love to go back before it.

All I do know, I will miss my free weekends when I do finally get a job in a library. Weekends are wonderful.

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